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Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Fishing nets

A very special experience – you will reel in our fishing nets yourself!

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Longline Fishing

Tuna and Swordfish are the catch all fishermen are searching for!

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Trolling, Spinning & other techniques

Do not hesitate to contact us for all other kind of fishing techniques!

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Fishing with driftnets

Our driftnets are not anchored, but drift with the current. Usually they are immersed during the afternoon and reeled in the next morning – and you will be the key player! According to the season, the catch can change – on a rocky underground for example, there can be crayfish and the red scorpionfish.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Longline Fishing

The Tyrrhenian Sea is rich of fish and fun is guaranteed! Longline fishing means that between two buoys that are ancored, you stretch a fishing line which can be up to 1.000m long. After every five metres you fix a hook. This line can be laied out as well at the surface (to fish for swordfish, tuna or dorado) as at the sea bottom (to fish for jewfish and bream). Lures for this fishing technique are sardine at the surface and calamary at the bottom.


Trolling means that one or more fishing lines, baited with lures, are drawn through the water in order to attract predators. Often they do not bite because they are hungry, but due to their instinctual behaviour and aggressiveness.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing

This is an off boat fishing method, which can be praticed either along the coastline or at a depth between 25m up to 80m. For getting the best results you have to stop the boat over reefs and rock formations or wrecks. The lure, consisting of pieces of sardine or shrimp is lowered to the sea bottom. Therefore, this technique is used usually to fish razorfish, sole fish and weever.

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